Reference: Iosso-Paste

Brand: Iosso Products

IOSSO Paste Bore Cleaning

NEW BIO-Based Formula. Highly effective concentrated paste formula that lasts longer and takes less time to clean with than ordinary liquid or aerosol type cleaners. 
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Reference: NTG 5 mirror Mirror set

Brand: Teslong

Teslong Different Size 5 pcs Side-view mirrors for NTG series rifle borescope (5mm and larger)

Fits .22, .243, .30, .38, .40, and Larger Caliber Barrels Compatible with Teslong NTG100 Series Rifle Borescopes NOT compatible with NTG200 Focus & Fold Borescope Improves Visibility in Larger Caliber Barrels See More and Inspect Faster Keeps Your Probe Centered In The Barrel Easily Threads onto NTG Borescopes
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Reference: SEB-BFSRB-G2

Brand: SEB Rests

SEB Bigfoot GEN-2 Rear Bag - 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1"

6.25" Wide x 13" Long. 4" tall standard Spacing 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", or wider. Please specify when ordering. Standard ears with seat belt material. With improved match proven neophrene donut base, wouldn't bulge on the bottom.
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    Paul Clean Roll Patch - 1000 Pz.
    • Paul Clean Roll Patch - 1000 Pz.
    • Paul Clean Roll Patch - 1000 Pz.

    Paul Clean Roll Patch - 1000 Pz.


    Paul Clean Roll Patch - 1000 Pz.

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    N. 1000 dry patches fixed on a roll of paper to be used with the liquid cleaner or to dry the barrel after cleaning. Its innovative cloverleaf-shaped design ensures thorough cleaning while perfectly meeting the performance standards of the most demanding shooters. Used with its special Jag, the Paul Clean Patch removes stubborn lead and copper fouling from the barrel without causing damage to the rifling. These patches come in one size and are used from 22 to 50 gauge.

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