Terms of use of the Internet Store www.angelarms.eu

Terms of Service Provision

1. Before you start to use the internet resource www.angelarms.eu (hereinafter - internet store, online-store, website, www.angelarms.eu), we recommend that you thoroughly familiarise yourself with the following Terms of Use of SIA "Agate Investments", Reg. No 40103673578, legal and actual address: Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024, Internet Store (hereinafter - the Terms).

2. The online resource www.angelarms.eu has to be seen as an internet resource, a special website developed by SIA "Agate Investments", www.angelarms.eu, where all the necessary information is located.

3. By visiting this web resource, familiarising yourself with the information on goods and services provided, the visitor shall automatically accept the established terms and conditions.

4. If the visitor does not agree to comply with the established terms and conditions, please do not use the online store and information and services provided therein.

5. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the main purpose of processing of the submitted information, including personal data by SIA "Agate Investments", www.angelarms.eu, is to ensure the provision of comprehensive services in this resource.

6.SIA "Agate Investments" reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of use of the online store, as well as the content of the provided services at any time without the consent of the users. All changes made shall take effect when they are officially posted on the site.

7. From the moment when a visitor starts using the website, it shall be considered that he/she has read and understood the Terms of Use. It is the duty of all online store users to have regular access to the website terms of use in order to keep up-to-date on any changes to the site. If the visitor does not agree with the terms, he/she shall be prohibited from using the online store.

8. Users who are registered with www.angelarms.eu, have the right to use all the resource functions and services for a fee determined during the use of the service. SIA "Agate Investments" reserves the right at its own discretion to make changes to the service provision costs at any time, as well as create new services for a certain fee.

9. Internet store angelarms.eu offers the following types of payment: transfer, payment card (Visa / MasterCard), payment at the store during the receipt of goods.

10. All users registered with www.angelarms.eu are obliged to provide reliable information in accordance with the registration conditions.

11. All registered users of the online store are obliged not to transfer their personal data to third parties. If a purchase of goods or services is made from an internet store profile of the registered user where the customer has correctly entered the username and password, it is considered that this action was taken by the owner of that account and not by a third party.

12. All account holders agree to receive information about the current offer at the internet store www.angelarms.eu.

13. SIA "Agate Investments" shall not be responsible for any expenses or losses incurred by a visitor while using internet resources.

Use of the Services Offered

15. Users shall undertake to strictly comply with the terms of use of the online store.

16. It is forbidden to use information received on the website www.angelarms.eu for personal needs.

17. The information obtained on the website www.angelarms.eu may be used in accordance with the effective laws and regulations. If the user of www.angelarms.eu does not comply with the terms of use published by the company, SIA "Agate Investments" reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the use of the service.

18. If it is necessary to make any changes to the registered order, provided that it has not been fulfilled, you must send an official letter to SIA "Agate Investments" by e-mail: shop@angelarms.eu from the same email address as indicated at the time of registration. Alternatively, we suggest calling +371 29205615.

19. If SIA "Agate Investments" has made any mistake in the value of the product or its description on the website www.angelarms.eu, the company reserves the unilateral right not to fulfil the concluded distance contract, but only when payment for the product has not yet been made. An exception to the cancellation is when the sales-purchase contract has been deliberately used for the purposes of fraud; in the event of unavailability of the goods, if any of the parties incurs significant damages during the performance of the contract; if payment for the purchased goods is not made in time, as well as in other cases prescribed by law.

20. Users of the internet store have no right to the content made available to them in the relevant resource. Users are prohibited to use any information without the permission of the owner SIA "Agate Investments", www.angelarms.eu. In exceptional cases, permits are prescribed in laws and regulations. According to the rules, users are prohibited from using any logo or brand included in www.angelarms.eu. It is strictly forbidden to change or remove, create vague notices posted on a resource, or act as an online store broker.

21. The information published on the website www.angelarms.eu is the property of SIA "Agate Investments".This refers to a description of goods, the content of any information contained in the named resource.

22. Users who have registered and accordingly given their consent to the use of the services offered by SIA "Agate Investments", agree to receive notices of the commencement of use of the services, current services and any other information to the indicated e-mail address. This approach involves improving the quality of the services offered by the online store. SIA "Agate Investments" reserves the right to regularly send information about the campaigns and discounts, as well as current offers to users of the internet store www.angelarms.eu. In the case of the provision of your e-mail, SIA "Agate Investments" informs you that with this step the user agrees to the inclusion of his/her e-mail address in the general database, and www.angelarms.eu is entitled to send notifications, reminders regarding purchases of goods to it that are not initiated and completed.

Privacy Policy

23. SIA "Agate Investments" informs you that, by providing your e-mail address, you agree that it is included in the database, and notifications from the internet store www.angelarms.eu may be sent to it.

24. By using the services offered by the online store, the user confirms his/her agreement that SIA "Agate Investments", which is also a third party acting on behalf of the resource, may collect and store data that allows tracking, collecting:
24.1 the number of people visiting the resource;
24.2. the number of visitors to each individual section of the internet store;
24.3. IP addresses and domain names of the persons served by www.angelarms.eu;
24.4. other data that will only be used to administer the resource, as well as to improve the quality of the online store and customer service.

25. SIA "Agate Investments" handles personal data primarily for the following purposes:
25.1 preparation, conclusion and sending of services and distance contracts, as well as invoices;
25.2. to ensure effective company management processes;
25.3. for business planning and analytics purposes;
25.4. for staff recruitment and human resource management;
25.5 to review and process applications.

26. SIA "Agate Investments" processes personal data based on the following legal grounds:
26.1. fulfilment of legal obligation established by law and regulations;
26.2. ensuring of legitimate interest;
26.3. for the conclusion or fulfilment of the contract;
26.4. consent of the data subject.

27. SIA "Agate Investments" shall store personal data according to the defined purposes of personal data processing and requirements of the laws and regulations, while at least one of the following criteria exists:
27.1 SIA "Agate Investments" can exercise its legitimate interests in accordance with the procedures specified in the external laws and regulations;
27.2. SIA "Agate Investments" has a legal obligation to keep data in accordance with the laws and regulations;
27.3 consent given by the data subject for the relevant processing of personal data is in force, unless another legal basis for processing is in place.

28. Cookies are text files that are placed in the browser of the website user to improve performance of the website. Saved cookies allow us to recognise your computer. By re-visiting the web site of SIA "Agate Investments" and only using password-accessible parts of the website, cookies allow the avoidance of repeated data entry.

29. SIA "Agate Investments" uses cookies for the following purposes:
29.1. session management and user authentication;
29.2. to ensure website functionality;
29.3 to obtain statistical data on the flow of visitors to the site - the number of visitors, time spent on the website;
29.4 improvement of efficiency of the online store operation.

30. The legal basis for the processing of personal data within cookies is the legitimate interest of SIA "Agate Investments".

31. SIA "Agate Investments" does not use cookies to track user habits, so SIA "Agate Investments" therefore informs you about the use of cookies, but does not require your consent to place cookies according to the law.

32. SIA "Agate Investments" does not link the user's IP address and e-mail address with the data that allows the user to be identified.

33. SIA "Agate Investments" website may contain third-party cookies.

34. The data subject may delete the cookies at its own discretion.

35. You can delete all cookies that are already stored on your computer, and you can set the browser to prevent them from being saved. But then you have to manually indicate it each time you visit a site, and some services and website features may not work.

36. In the cases prescribed by law, SIA "Agate Investments" can transfer information to third parties. Similarly, SIA "Agate Investments" may outsource to ensure the more efficient performance of its functions.

37. Information about the user that was selected and saved by SIA "Agate Investments" in the internet resource www.angelarms.eu is confidential, except for in cases provided for in the effective laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia. Data whereby users log on the internet website will not be transferred to third parties which means that they will in no way be distributed to third parties. Exceptions to the above are made if a method of payment of the order is leasing or if a need to identify the personality of the user arises.

38. Personal data are not transferred to third countries.

39. In order to receive information about your personal data processed by SIA "Agate Investments", you must submit an application by sending an e-mail to shop@angelarms.eu

40. If you feel that your right to personal data protection has been violated, you may lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority.

41. The user has the right to delete its profile by sending a request regarding it to the e-mail address shop@angelarms.eu. In this case, the request is only accepted if it is sent from the same email to which the user profile is registered. 

Privacy and Copyright Protection

42. The user initiating the order processing agrees that SIA "Agate Investments" only obtains the right to use the data provided by him/her under the conditions previously stated.

43. By initiating a procedure for placing an order, the user hereby confirms that he/she has familiarised himself/herself with the terms of registration and delivery of the purchased goods and agrees to strictly adhere to them.

44. Order processing also indicates that the user has familiarised himself/herself with the terms, conditions, warranty and return procedure of goods.

45. Order processing confirms that the user has familiarised himself/herself with the terms of purchase of goods and fully agrees with them.

46. Ordering takes place directly from SIA "Agate Investments" via email, social network or by telephone. The ordering procedure for this order provides that the buyer has familiarised himself/herself with the terms and conditions of use of the online store www.angelarms.eu and agrees to their implementation, as well as provides reliable information about himself/herself. 

Terms of Use of the Internet Store www.angelarms.eu

47. If any of the aforementioned provisions lose their legal force, the rest shall remain unchanged, that is, they remain in full force.

48. If any disagreement arises between the above parties, pertaining to terms, conditions, provision of services, purchase of goods, etc., the parties may revise them in strict compliance with the effective laws and regulations.

49. The sole owner of the intellectual property in the internet resource www.angelarms.eu is SIA "Agate Investments". If this right is violated, the person at fault shall be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable law.

50. All necessary contact information of SIA "Agate Investments" has been placed in the section "Contacts" of the website www.angelarms.eu 

Purchase Documents of the Purchased Goods in the Internet Store www.angelarms.eu

51. When delivering the purchased goods to the indicated address, a document certifying conclusion of the sales contract (bill of lading - invoice) shall be issued for the delivery of goods.

52. The following shall serve as confirmation of the fact that the buyer has received the purchased goods:
52.1. during receipt of the standard item or during receipt of the goods from a courier, a buyer's signature on the electric terminal and a signature on the bill of lading - invoice.

53. If confirmation of delivery of goods to the buyer is obtained using one of the above methods, no claims for the failure to deliver goods shall be accepted. 

Procedure for the review of complaints and out-of-court disputes

Please submit a complaint regarding the availability or quality of goods electronically by sending it to the e-mail address shop@angelarms.eu or in writing, by sending it to the address Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024. The complaint shall be reviewed within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint by sending reply to the contact address indicated in the complaint.

If the complaint is recognised to be unfounded and you disagree with that, you may use the alternative dispute resolution options provided for in the laws and regulations by submitting a written application for an out-of-court dispute resolution to the seller of goods, indicating: 

  • name, surname, contact information;

  • submission date of this application;

  • nature of dispute, claims and their grounds.


Courier service:

  • Omniva

  • EMS

  • UPS


Receipt of orders:

  • if the goods are available and the sales assistant has confirmed the order;

  • www.angelarms.eu in the shop, Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024;

  • By using courier services.

Delivery price:

  • Pick up at the shop (free of charge);

  • courier services (the price is calculated considering the delivery address and the weight of the order).


Receipt of orders:

  • if the goods are available, the courier notifies the date and time of delivery;

Delivery price:

  • costs are calculated by the sales assistant on the basis of the courier service price list (the price is calculated considering the delivery address and the weight of the order).


Product delivery takes place within 1-7 business days of receipt of payment.

In the case of any questions, please contact us by phone +371 20310310. We guarantee an individual approach for each client.


  • Purchases for which the amount exceeds EUR 1500, free delivery is applied in the territory of Europe (ask for promo code).

* If the payment is made by transfer, the delivery will be performed after receiving the payment.

What is covered by the  warranty service?

 Warranty Service covers material or manufacturing defects, provided that the product has been used in the intended manner for the entire warranty period. During the warranty period, repair or replacement of the product or a part of it will be carried out, if it is defective or made of low quality material.

How do you receive the  warranty service?

If you need a warranty repair, stop using the product and return it in full to either the distributor from whom you purchased it or to the  Authorised Service Centre recommended by your distributor.


The product must be returned with valid proof of purchase, including a completed warranty form, invoice or receipt showing the date of purchase, model number, serial number, name and address of the distributor.

Warranty period

Warranty period for legal entities is 12 months, for individuals - 24 months.

Right of withdrawal.

  • You have the right to withdraw from the product purchased at www.angelarms.eu within 14 (fourteen days) from the date of receipt of the products without indicating the reason for refusal.

  • Upon the decision to refuse the purchased product or service, you must inform SIA "Agate Investments", legal address:Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024, phone No. +371 29205615, by sending an e-mail to the address: shop@angelarms.eu or by mail in a registered letter.

Consequences of withdrawal



    • Here you can find the Cabinet Regulation “Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts”. If you decide to refuse the purchased product, it will be at the same time considered termination of the distance contract and www.angelarms.eu will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs, without unjustified delay and in any case not later than within 14 days from the date we were informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. Refund will be made by the same payment method you used to pay for the purchase of products. If you wish to receive the refund in another way, you must clearly specify this in a written notification submitted to us. Regardless of the refund method, you will not be charged additional fees. www.angelarms.eu holds the right to delay the refund until the moment we have received the product back from you. Hand-over of the product is only possible at Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024. If you send the product by mail or courier services, you simultaneously acknowledge that you agree to a unilateral product inspection performed by SIA "Agate Investments" specialists and possible defects found, faults in assembly and damages to the visual condition, and in this regard no further claims from you will be accepted.

    • All direct expenses regarding the return of products is your responsibility.

    • Keep in mind! During the term of the right of withdrawal you only have the right to use the product to the extent necessary to inspect the purchased product. You may do this to the same extent as would be possible in an ordinary store before the purchase of the product.

    • By exercising the right of withdrawal you are responsible for the usage of the product that exceeds the purpose of the inspection, as well as for the decrease in the value, quality and safety of the product.

    • By exercising the right of withdrawal you have to cover the above mentioned direct product delivery costs, as well as the possible decrease of the value of the product, if the product is used for a purpose other than to clarify the nature, characteristics and operation of the product, as evidenced during the establishment of defects in the authorised service of the manufacturer.

    • You do not have the right to exercise the right of withdrawal in cases specified in Paragraph 22 of Cabinet Regulation No. 255, adopted on 20 May 2014, Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts

Right of withdrawal form

If you also wish to submit a right of withdrawal form, it is available: here.