We are a new, prospective company that was established at  2013 and we represent the world’s leading  equipment brands - Nightforce, March, Shmidt and Bender, Vectoroptics, Teslong etc.

The main goal of our company is to offer high-quality and modern technical products, and to provide the maintenance and repair of purchased equipment both during and after the warranty.

Despite the fact that we are a new company, our team consists of experienced and professional all hunting,shooting equipment users, sales assistants/consultants. Our team consists of expierenced shooters, hunters and sportsmans.They will always help you find the best solution for the your needs. 

The quickening rhythm of life and innovative approach of manufacturers in the development of equipment, does not allow one to stand still, but requires improvement of the knowledge of masters in different seminars and training courses. 

Mission of SIA "Agate Investments"is to provide a customer orientated approach with a mission to not only be the leader of sales of our region, but to reach a wider region during the next 2 to 3 years.

We already produce some equipment for shooters and in our plans is to produce top level firearms and accsessories for shooters.