Personal data processing

The aim of the privacy policy is to provide a natural person with the aim, purpose, scope, security and protection of personal data, as well as to provide other information regarding personal data processing. 

Personal Data

Personal data – any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Application of the privacy policy

Privacy policy of SIA "Agate Investments" shall be applied to personal data processing regardless of the means (form) a natural person provides its personal data (or the personal data of a natural person are provided by a third party in accordance with law/authorisation/consent): in paper form, electronic form, on the webpage of SIA "Agate Investments", online shop, in the shop, and other ways.

Background information

Purpose of processing personal data: Conclusion of product/service contracts, delivery of products, administration of payments, performance of guarantee obligations.

The Controller: ,  SIA "Agate Investments" registration No. 40103673578 

Legal address: Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024.

Legal basis: Legitimate interests of  SIA "Agate Investments"

Transferring of data to a third country: Is not performed.

Data recipients: Controller, operators of controller and competent (law enforcement) state cooperation partners and service providers (outsourcing), data base administration service providers, cloud computing service providers, accounting outsourcing service providers, solicitor, lawyer companies, operators and others.

Data protection officer:

Processing of personal data and legal basis

Personal data processing is performed to achieve the aim specified in the privacy policy, including, to exercise legitimate interests of SIA Verktig (business purposes), to comply with the requirements of laws and regulations regarding the receipt, processing, storage, transfer, etc. of natural persons’ “personal data”, as well as to comply with the requirements of the laws and regulations regarding consumer rights. 

Duration of personal data storage depends on the period specified in the normative act or period of the concluded contract, or period specified by SIA "Agate Investments". Personal data shall not be stored for longer than required to fulfil the requirements of laws and regulations, and in compliance with the legitimate interests of SIA "Agate Investments". Upon circumstances when personal data processing/storage is no longer required - personal data shall be erased.

Personal data processing shall be performed by means of specialised and safe software to ensure safe personal data processing and storage, by using antivirus software (‘firewalls”) and by using other technological solutions. Personal data shall be protected by access systems and special software.

Transfer of personal data

Personal data shall not be transferred to third countries (countries that are not EU or EEA countries).

Personal data may be transferred to cooperation partners of SIA Verktig (including companies providing outsourcing), service providers (operators) and authorised legal, natural persons (lawyers, solicitors). Personal data transfer shall be carried out safely by using safe software and technologies. Personal data shall only be transferred to the extent necessary to fulfil the legal and legitimate interests of SIA "Agate Investments". 

Commercial offers, advertising materials

Commercial notices shall be sent to addressees / natural persons who have agreed to receive commercial notices of SIA "Agate Investments" (advertising materials). Information regarding the rejection of receiving commercial (advertising) notices is indicated in the commercial (advertising) e-mail. To refuse to receive commercial (advertising materials) notices, write an e-mail to:

Personal data protection

Personal data protection shall be implemented in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (regulations, legislation, provisions) regarding personal data protection. 

Access to your personal data

A natural person may access its personal data on the basis of a written application and in compliance with the requirements of laws and regulations regarding personal data, and requirements of laws and regulations regarding application admission and review; the application shall be submitted as follows (by mail:SIA "Agate Investments" LV40103673578 Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024 or by submitting a written application in the shop of SIA "Agate Investments".

By submitting an application the natural person shall have the obligation to identify itself as necessary and in the amount required by SIA Verktig to ascertain that the person submitting the written application is the person whose data he or she requests. In such event, SIA "Agate Investments" shall submit available personal data and other information specified by law to the submitter.

The right to withdraw consent

Natural person shall have the right to withdraw its consent to personal data processing. Withdrawal shall be submitted in the same way as consent to personal data processing was provided.

In any case, the natural person may send its written withdrawal regarding the termination of personal data processing to the legal address of SIA "Agate Investments" Senču sila iela 3, Priedkalne, LV-1024

, and/or by The withdrawal of consent shall not affect personal data processing that was performed before receiving the withdrawal. Withdrawal of consent shall also not affect and disrupt personal data processing, which is carried out in accordance with and/or on a legal basis (regulation, law, provisions).


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Closing information

SIA "Agate Investments" holds the right to make amendments to this privacy policy by informing the relevant natural person (Data subject).

Section headings of these provisions shall not be interpreted other than for the purposes of clarity.

If the data subject (natural person) considers that the rights regarding his or her personal data processing have been breached, he or she holds the right to address SIA "Agate Investments" or the Data State Inspectorate.